Friday, March 5, 2010

Francesca at the Kliros

Dear Parish Faithful,

I just received this photo from Madre Ivonne of the "nina" we are sponsoring this year at the Hogar - Francesca Maria. She is at the kliros, which is the place that the various appointed children of the Hogar chant and sing during the services. Since Francesca is only seven (her birthday is 7/12), she is there quite early, which means she must be a good reader. This privilege of chanting builds up their self-confidence, the childrens' sense of contributing, and further helps them in their reading ability. It also helps them learn the order of the various services. The winning smile on Francesca's face pretty well captures her personality - she is a lively and good-hearted young girl, especially considering the trauma that she and the other children have experienced at a very tender age.

Also, knowing that she is sponsored is also a huge confidence-builder. Even though it is at a distance, Francesca will now feel wanted and cared about. This is a "good work" - may it be blessed by God!

Fr. Steven